Our breeding Bengals each have annual/semiannual health screenings along with extensive testing to ensure only the healthiest genetics are passed on.

Each kitten will come with a health guarantee.  

Health Guarantee 

All of our kittens have their first Veterinary visit at our local Veterinarian clinic, which includes recommended vaccines and a thorough evaluation.

Each pet kitten will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving for their new home.

Each kitten will be litter box trained and will feed on a raw meat diet available from mad butcher meat co here in Sacramento CA.

All of our kittens are raised in house and will be acclimated to humans from birth. Bengals are a higher energy breed and will need lots of interaction and stimulation. A daily dose of play time will be required. We require each kitten to live indoors, however, we strongly encourage lots of supervised outdoor play time as they love to run and climb trees. Be prepared to provide several cat trees and cat posts and toys for your kitten.

Prior to arrival of your new kitten, we will provide you with a detailed checklist and an information guide so you can ensure a safe and smooth welcoming of your new kitty.

What to expect with your new kitten 

Depending on your location, we can either have the kitten flown directly to a nearby airport depending on airline availability, driven to your home, or you can always visit our cattery and pickup your kitten in person. Shipping fees will be quoted individually upon request.   

We ship domestic (USA) and international.  


Breeder/show kitten prices start at $3,500 and up. Deposit of $1000 are required for a breeder kitten. Please inquire if you would like to make a deposit.   

Our pet kitten prices are $2500 and a $500 non refundable litter transferable deposit places you on our waiting list.


First step would be deciding on which color and/or pattern you prefer and whether you want a boy or girl. We love each of the Bengal colors/patterns, but if a particular color/pattern stands out more to you, then you should choose that. Choosing a boy or girl is also a matter of personal taste. Maybe you already have a boy cat and would like to add a girl or vice versa, it all depends on your unique circumstance. We have found that both boys and girls can have tons of energy and both can be just as affectionate and loving as any other breed.    

While each of our kittens are beautiful and so easy to fall in love with, narrowing your choice down to which kitten is best for you is a matter of personal taste.  

How to choose a kitten? 


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