Each of our Bengals are tested routinely for all potential health problems. We do annual health screening for HCM (heart), FiV/FeLV (leukemia), PRA (blindness, PK-deficiency (anemia) and parasite testing. Each of our breeding Bengals are free from all diseases. We also perform DNA testing on each of our Bengals to determine specific genetic traits that we can breed for.

All cats are Pkd N/N, PRA N/N except Stormi she is PRA N/PRA, all cats are current HCM.

Healthy Bengals are our #1 concern

Jag is our stunning charcoal Bengal. He has a beautiful head with distinct white goggles, long muscular body, dark cape, and good tail. This boy loves to stay busy and is still growing. He eats like a horse so he should grow into a magnificent stud. Jag is a full charcoal and a carrier for snow (sepia). 

DOB 11/23/17


Traipse Jagger


Benny is our beautiful snow mink Bengal. He has a beautiful short super soft coat with a distinct amazing rosetted pattern that sets him apart from all other Bengals. Perfect profile on his head, beautiful blue eyes, with a huge muscular body. He loves climbing trees and running around chasing the ladies. 

DOB 1/24/18


Black Diamond Bentley

Bronco is our brown boy super stud. He has a deep darker brown coat with incredible rosettes. Perfect head with beautiful green eyes and a thick muscular body. Bronco is everything you could ask for in a stud. He is well mannered, gentle and knows exactly how to make his ladies feel safe. Bronco is a charcoal carrier.  

DOB 11/13/16



Jemmy is our beautiful brown girl that carries for snow (lynx). She has a short tight coat with longer lean body. She has the most stunning head with huge green eyes.

DOB 8/11/17


Goldendots Jemma


Kali is our amazing brown leopard girl. She has a shorter super soft coat with lighter colors and a smaller lean body. She has a perfect head that almost perfectly resembles the Leopard Cat. Thank you to Leap of Faith for this beauty.  

DOB 8/16/17



Joy is our stunning brown girl. She has very tight incredibly soft short coat with darker deeper rich colors on her rosettes with high contrast. She has an impressive set of whiskers and a distinct muzzle. She is our smallest girl but is always full of energy and loves to climb and play all day.

DOB 9/21/17


Stormi is our amazing snow mink silver girl that carries for charcoal. Her gene variations provide her with the ability to create so many different color/pattern variations in her offspring. She truly is one of a kind. Stormi has a short coat with lighter spots with a larger body and is the best snuggler out there. Thank you to Rising Sun for this beauty.  

DOB 9/25/17



Jakswild diva is from Kali and jag and has a beautiful wild exotic face and head like her mama and the attitude of her too! She is a small lean girl with very round rosettes on a clear background. She has more attitude than we can describe but live that about her and can’t wait to see her babies!

DOB 9/06/19



Jakswild peach is from joy and bronco and has a beautiful rich warm brown coat with nice rosettes and big green eyes! She is so playful and social and has helped us raise many litters of kittens prior to her having her own babies. We can’t wait to see her beautiful babies!

DOB 2/20/19



She’s is a beautiful silver girl with a nice flow to her rosettes and beautiful eyes. She carries snow and non agouti so she can make charcoal kittens depending on the pairings. We are so excited to have this girl with us and thank melody for trusting us with her.

DOB 06/29/2020


Boyd’s bengals

She is from the uk and is a beautiful dark silver rosetted girl! She will produce a variety of colors for us and has a beautiful strong head. She is a quiet girl with a fun personality! We thank Liz from silverstorm very much for this stunning girl!

DOB 9/16/19



She is a beautiful golden brown girl with a more paw print rosette and such a unique beautiful face and white belly. The minute she was born we knew we were keeping her and she was special. She is super outgoing and has true bengal cattitude.

DOB 08/06/2020



This sweet girl is a snow mink non agouti carrier so she may produce charcoal kittens depending on pairings. She is a super playful goofy girl that loves to run and hop like a rabbit. We can’t wait to see her sweet babies!

DOB 7/13/2020



She’s is a beautiful warm toned brown girl from Canada with big pancake rosettes.

DOB 5/14/2021


kanpur kasha

Akira is a beautiful silver queen with nice whisker pads and large round eyes and a nice flow to her rosettes. Can’t wait to see the babies she produces for us!

DOB 3/14/20


Bengaluxe Akira


Each of our breeding Bengals were chosen specifically for their unique traits and to enhance the amazing Bengal breed characteristics. 

We hope to add to our program every year and would love to have you join our extended Bengal family!!

 beautiful & healthy

producing the most unique,

 Bengals available in the world.