The adult male Bengal cat is the largest in size, weighing about 10-18+ lbs with larger heads and broad muscular shoulders and body.

The adult female Bengal cat typically weighs about 6-14 lbs with much smaller features.

Average lifespan is about 12-18+ years.

Both males and females are typically very active and love to climb and play outside, but still love to snuggle after play time. Their personalities are just as unique as humans, with some Bengals being very vocal and outgoing to others being more shy and laid back.

The Bengal is very loyal to their owners and typically will get along well with many other pets.

The Bengal is a very versatile breed and will adapt to many different environments making them a perfect lifelong companion.

First breedings will produce 1st generation or F1 Bengals. Breeding the F1 with another domestic Bengal will produce F2 and so on. Earlier generation offspring F1-F4 are typically more wild and unpredictable and are difficult to have as a pet. After several generations (F5 and beyond or 5th generation offspring), the Bengal is considered domestic but with the look and personality of a Wild Cat, perfect for a companion in your home ready to play and still snuggle at night!

The Leopard Cat is a small wild cat native to Asia known for their beautiful spotted coats and rich unique colors. Depending on which cat is bred with the Leopard Cat, the offspring will be different variations of body size, coat type/color, temperament, etc.

The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat. They are created by crossing a domestic cat with the Leopard Cat.

What is a Bengal?

Snows are unique to crossing the Leopard cat with the Siamese and Burmese domestic cat, which results in Snow Seal Lynx (from pure white to white spotted and distinct blue eyes), Snow Sepia (darker tannish/cream coat with spots), and a combination Snow Mink (whiter coats with darker spots with nice contrast).


Silvers contain a gene that prohibits any brown in the coats, so the result is a light silver base coat with typically black spots/rosettes.


Charcoals have a very unique gene variation that will result in typically much darker coats from pure black (panther) to black with lighter spots/rosettes.


Browns are the most common color. They come in variations of light tan to dark brown to black.


All Bengals can be “carriers” for a specific color or several colors. You will only see the different color in their offspring when they breed with other “carriers” with that specific color gene and it is passed down. So, it is possible to have a litter with kittens of completely different colors and patterns. That’s what makes each litter so exciting and special.

Each of our breeding Bengals is genetically tested at UC Davis Genetics Laboratory so we can best determine suitable mates.

The Bengal is known for their stunning coats that are by far the most beautiful and set them apart from all other breeds. What makes the Bengal so unique is there coats come in many different beautiful colors and patterns. With the help of genetic testing, we are able to breed for specific colors and create some of the most beautiful Bengals in the world.



Spotted Bengals will have solid spots, usually rounder in shape but may come in arrowhead pattern or a more linear flow or what may look like stripes in the spots.


Rosettes are unique to Bengals. They typically have a darker outer color, usually black, with the inside being a much lighter color. The rosettes can be perfectly round, larger pancake style, paw print style, or a sparbled pattern and everything in between. The color variations in the rosettes can be breathtaking in some Bengals. 

Bengals are well known for their beautiful spots and markings. Each Bengal will have their own unique spots and distinct patterns. Just like in wild cats, the spots can be dramatically different between different Bengals. Spots can be small with solid color to large rosettes with multi colors to a complete marbled pattern depending on the genetics.   



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